Conrad's Home Page

Welcome to this my home page, My name is Conrad but my nick name is Robin which I use. 

I am in my mid 50's  I have  brown hair blue eyes, as for my height I'm 5'4" [ laid down straight on a bed all will become clearer later on], I am also of a slim built nature.

I was born in Scunthorpe and lived here all my life.

I am gay and I have been since 1990. That is when I came out of my shell so to speak, which at that time was not an easy thing to do anyone including my parents but I did  .

I use to work in the public sector from 1989 - 1999 until I had an accident while I was at work [not my fault],I went over on my left ankle.

I did go to Scunthorpe General Hospital to get it looked at, from there I was given crutches to use due to me not being able to put any weight  on my foot at all until 3 weeks later.

I did return back to work for a week then I was on sick once again, this was due to my ankle so that meant I was off work again for 2 months, but during  all this I was having to go up to Scunthorpe General Hospital and having treatment on my ankle and I was still having to use crutches to get around on which was very difficult for me at times .

By this time any bit of weight that I did put on my left foot would cause my ankle to give way beneath me as well as crack therefore I would end up on the floor and in more pain and that  was while I was using crutches as well, It has been a tough lot of years that I have had this affliction but I am getting there slowly but surely.

I did return back to work after having two and a half months of for about a fortnight then I was back on sick was once { this process kept on repeating for another two months }.

During all this I was still having to go up to Scunthorpe General Hospital for treatment on my left ankle but the treatment what they was giving me on my left ankle was making it worse than what it was, even with and ankle brace what I had didn't help my ankle,I still was in a lot of pain and not able to bear any weight on my left ankle.

It was around 1999 when my right leg started to give way beneath me,  and I thought not again but it was due to me not being able to bear any weight on my left foot causing pain in my ankle, therefore the right leg was having to take all weight and even then my left ankle still used to crack and give way beneath me.

So now I have to use a wheelchair, ( Since 1999 )

I did not return back to work the last time I went on sick, and since then I have also had to go to the Scunthorpe General Hospital for regular treatment ( none of which works ).

I have been waiting for another appointment  for me to go in and that was since 2006, when the appointment came through at last it came through by phone due to the postal strike.

I had a Lidicaine infusion on Friday 6th November 2009 [ 1 of 2 ].

So now it's what you can call my left leg is totally useless as I have no feeling at all in it and the right one has slowly gone the same way but no feeling in it either.

So therefore I use a wheelchair all the time now, I do need assistance with doing things now, but I am still very able bodied in everything I do to a degree ( see links ). 

Please feel free to chat to me or send me an email I am a very open person who can speak about my problems, If you have got a problem with coming out then I may be able to help you as I have plenty of gay friends.

I look forward to making new friends especially if your disabled and in a wheelchair but if not then we can still be friends.

If you have visited my homepage then please sign my Guest book before you leave please.

 Please note that I may use the Public libary computer to access the internet even though I do have a dongle

In May last year I had to go for Neurophysiology to which I Finally found out the results out ( 18 / 11 / 2010 ).

At the moment I am beginning to feel like guniea pig and not a human being!

Also please note that I may have a stutter which comes and goes especially if i get uptight about any thing.

 I also suffer with epilepsy I keep having fits now idea why, April was 42 and that was just in one month.